Asturias directo
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Asturias directo

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Destinacions: Oviedo, Cantabria, Cangas de Onís

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Transport de Valencia a Oviedo

Volotea Volotea - V73583
21:45 - Valencia, Valencia (VLC)
23:15 - Aviles, Asturias (OVD)
1h 30m Sense parar Preu: Economy With Restrictions
Vol: V73583
Classe: Economy
Tarifa: Economy With Restrictions
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Sobre la ciutat:Oviedo is a cathedral city, capital of Principality of Asturias, in Northern Spain. It is indeed an old city, but with the commodities of any modern city. The architecture of Oviedo is charming and attractive, but the city is best known for its delicious Asturian food. Oviedo is today a city with a remarkable international projection through the Prince of Asturias Awards, presented annually at the Campoamor Theatre, and the International Campus, attended by personalities of the highest global relevance. The old part of Oviedo is called the Casco Antiguo. Wander along cobbled streets admiring its beautifully restored buildings and squares. Located in the centre of Oviedo's old quarter, Plaza de la Constitucion, along with Cathedral Square, is the most central and important square in the city of Oviedo. The square includes the City Hall and the Church of San Isidoro Real, located in the west end of the Plaza. Nearby we have the equally important, Plaza de la Catedral, Cathedral Square. Its highlights are the Gothic Cathedral of Oviedo, the Jardín de los Reyes Caudillos with statues of the Kings of Asturias and the baroque Palace Valdecarzana and Heredia. We can also see the statue of Ana Ozores, a main character of Clarin’s novel The Regent's Wife. Oviedo is proud of its past but it is also is also home to modern industry and commerce. Sleek shopping boutiques selling expensive clothing, handbags and shoes and other high quality items line the city streets. Oviedo has its own stadium, as well as theatres, art galleries, and a university. Public parks and fountains also dot the city and give the locals haven from the hustle and bustle of city life. Oviedo is a fine city where old and new not only coexists, but flourishes together.
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CITROEN C1 or Similar
20:15 - 24 d’ag. 2021
Estación de autobuses
20:00 - 31 d’ag. 2021
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Mínim 18, Màxim 80

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RANON AIRPORT - Telèfon: +34 911505000


Opening hours:08:00 - 22:00

Mostrador dentro del aeropuerto.
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Estación de autobuses - Telèfon +34 911505000

Estación de autobuses, Calle de Pepe Cosmen local, 3

Opening hours:09:00 - 19:30

La oficina está en la estación de Autobuses

Transport de Oviedo a Cantabria

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Sobre la ciutat:Cantabria is a mountainous and coastal region of character and an important natural heritage . Its strong relief makes 40% of its surface is above 700 m above sea level and a third of the region has slopes greater than 30% incline. Cantabria is also notable for the important artistic and architectural examples belonging to different historical periods. On the one hand emphasize the megalithic remains like those of Pico Las Nieves ; the Roman settlements in the county of Reinosa , with the ruins of Julióbriga , Camesa-Rebolledo and Romanesque art temple Santa Maria de Lebeña as well as valuable examples of cave churches in Campóo and Valderredible . Many are also preserved Romanesque churches , such as the Collegiate of Santillana del Mar , the Collegiate Church of Santa Cruz de Castañeda , the Collegiate Church of San Pedro de Cervatos and the Collegiate Church of San Martin de Elines , along with a significant concentration of this style in Valderredible and to a lesser extent, in the basin of Besaya and Liébana . The Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Castro Urdiales is the most prominent Gothic work of Cantabria .Numerosos Palaces and mansions belonging to the period between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, ranging from the Renaissance to the Baroque. Some outstanding historical sites are those of Liérganes , Alceda , Cartes , Potes and especially Santillana del Mar , as well as isolated palacios like Los Acebedo in Hoznayo , that of Elsedo in Pámanes and the Soñanesin Villacarriedo . As for the architecture of the nineteenth century the Palace of Sobrellano , the Pontifical University , the Capricho de Gaudí and the Cemetery and Angel of Llimona , in Comillas , as a sign of neo - Gothic and Catalan modernism. Reflection Art twentieth century , highlights the Royal Palace of La Magdalena in Santander , the Casino de El Sardinero and other works related to the summer resort of Santander . The contemporary architecture is the greatest exponent the Palais des Festivals of Cantabria and the Palacio de Deportes , both in the city of Santander . The Cantabrian Sea with its fine fish and delicate seafood . Rapids and rivers in their upper and middle reaches shelter the king of river fishing, salmon , and delicate plywood trout . Cntabros grasses, evergreen, fed to cattle exquisite taste and small sheep and goat herds . Small family orchards and plantations of fruit offer a wide range of products, cooked the traditional way of Cantabria, obtained as a result one of the richest cuisines and more personality in the country .
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Transport de Cantabria a Cangas de Onís

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29 d’ag.

Cangas de Onís

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Sobre la ciutat:Cangas de Onís is a municipality in the eastern part of the province and autonomous community of Asturias. Cangas de Onís, capital of the area of the same name, sits in the valley formed by the rivers Sella and Güeña. The most representative feature of the town is its Roman Bridge, declared to be a Historic-Artistic Site in 1931. Cangas de Onis has historic, scenic and adventure tourist appeal for different reasons. It lies in very close proximity to the popular tourist village of Cavadonga, the scene of an historic battle, as well as being on the edge of the Picos de Europa Mountains. It also has the town of Arriondas, an adventure sports center, just a few kilometers down the road. If you are planning a holiday in Asturias with a focus on the region's natural beauty, walking, canoeing, climbing, or simply relaxing in the heart of green Spain, then Cangas de Onís and the villages around it are ideally where you want to stay.
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31 d’ag.

Transport de Cangas de Onís a Valencia

Ryanair Ryanair - FR2215
12:50 - Santander, Santander (SDR)
14:00 - Valencia, Valencia (VLC)
1h 10m 0 PC Sense parar
Vol: FR2215
Classe: Economy
Tarifa: Value
1 Assegurances
Seguro (AXA Seguros) - Región (Un solo país) - Días (8)

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